I am so grateful for the hundreds of testimonials about my gifts & abilities that I have received in letters, cards and emails from clients world wide. Clients have told me that my consultations have been enlightening and transformational because of the impact they have had on their lives. It is my honor and privilege to help people with my psychic & spiritual gifts, and I am profoundly touched that so many took the time to write such kind testimonials about my psychic services. Here Are A few:


"Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding. You really are heaven sent. I will recommend you to all my friends and family."  Jessica - St. Catherine's Ontario

" Hi just wanted to touch base with you and tell you Thank You. Because of you and our work together we are ENGAGED! And expecting our first child in July. I really don't know what I would do with out you..."  Clara - Hamilton Ont.

"Simply Thank You. You have help my wife and I get passed some really dark things in our marriage that other counsellors could not"  Andrew - Windsor Ont.

"Bless you for the most amazing session, for all the love and kindness and the time you spent being so completely present with me. I am so greatfull that our paths have crossed and that you are on this planet. Your gifts are vital, you are an extraordinarily brilliant and angelic being. I feel extravagant. Thank you again and again"  Uiara - Rio de Janeriro


  "Just wanted to send an email praising you for you great work . Back in August of this year, I called you asking for a reading on a very difficult situation with a friend of mine who I admire, love and adore. You had said that things would turn around in seven weeks. Well, seven weeks to the exact day, she came over to my house and it seemed as though things were back to normal. Our friendship has been growing stronger and stronger ever since and has well moved past the problems we endured" Chris - New York

  "Thank your for your reading you did for me. I believe it was my guardian angel that got me in touch with you. I feel 100% better since I spoke with you, and I thank you for that. You are truly gifted. As I mentioned during our conversation, I will see you again in the near future no matter were you are. I know that things will start to get better starting right now. Once again, I thank you for the time you spent with me" Marcello - Rome

The psychic session was amazing!! How you are able to read and give such detail with the little information you are provided and from a distance is so exact on physical aliments and medical conditions, I have to believe in the emotional pain too!
Name withheld; New York, New York USA.

  "I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time and tell you what has happened over the course of our doing readings these past few years. When we met I was going through a bad divorce and you really helped me get past the bad part and move forward. I slowly started dating and I would always check with you on the men that I was seeing. You did not get that they were bad for me; you just kept saying that it wasn’t the right one. A few months ago I called you about a new man in my life and you told me that this was going to be the relationship I have been looking for. Bingo! You are so right and this man is just what I have been looking for. I’m so glad that you are part of my life" Laura - Liverpool, England

  "Just wanted to say to you what a wonderful reading I had with you yesterday. as always, you left me in awe with your accuracy when you channeled my mom. You told me she used to paint as a kid and I verified this with her sister yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for the the healing you have helped me achieve after the passing of my mother a few months ago and the spiritual growth I’ve attained when speaking with you. Love you always and look forward to talking with you again and making another connection with my mom. HUGS"  Stephen - Toronto

"Thanks so much for this reading - you are so on the money, it isn't even funny! I have to tell you, you are one of the most gifted intuitive I have ever "met", and it's been a pleasure to work with you .

To answer your questions - I've used online dating services on and off for about six years, and the majority of men I've meet and had short-term relationships with have been through the services. I did ( like you said ) meet someone the old-fashioned way, through my family. My two daughters are on the verge of completing there master's degree :)

 I WILL continue on my own path of life. I do feel that this year has been transitional for me, that I am becoming more of who I was always meant to be. Thanks for giving me more insight" Candy - Niagara-On-The Lake

This was a fantastic reading and was spot on with the way my life has been over the past 3 years. I have had readings before ( from Toronto ALL the to Niagara Falls) but none of them have been so in depth and as accurate as this one. She picked up on my current relationship even to the point that she knew my partner was Indian and she picked up on his profession. She was spot on with his character and his current problems as well. Also she picked up on my career which is full of changes at the moment. She gave me guidance and showed empathy with what she felt. She has given me peace in my mind which has for so long been absent and I now feel that I can move on with her help.
Thank you so much, it was truly a pleasure talking to you, you have given me the strength to carry on believing when I was at my very lowest point.
God bless.
Susan - Toronto



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